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Workshop: Migrate IBM Power to Azure with Skytap, Bogotá 2024

Workshop: Migrate IBM Power to Azure with Skytap, Bogotá 2024

Workshop: Migrate IBM Power to Azure with Skytap

During this session, we reviewed how Skytap can help migrate and run IBM Power workloads natively on Azure and the cloud infrastructure service specifically designed for running IBM Power in the cloud.


  1. Introduction and Welcome
    • Brief overview of the event’s objectives and agenda.
    • Explain event logistics and expectations.
  2. Skytap Overview on Microsoft Azure
    • Explore Skytap’s capabilities on Microsoft Azure.
    • Highlight key features and benefits.
    • Demo 1: Show how to create a Skytap subscription on Azure and provision an AIX machine.
  3. Azure Connectivity Best Practices
    • Explore cloud connectivity strategies with Skytap.
    • Discuss techniques for performance and security.
    • Demo 2: Show how to connect an Azure Vnet to Skytap.
  4. Use Cases and Success Stories
    • Present main Skytap use cases across different industries.
    • Highlight how Skytap simplifies IBM migration to Azure.
    • Illustrate benefits and ROI of actual implementations.
  5. Migration Strategy and Implementation
    • Explain a step-by-step approach to migrating to Skytap on Azure.
    • Discuss best practices for migration.
    • Explain how to execute a Skytap PoC on Azure with Microsoft.
  6. Roundtable with Real Customer Use Case
    • Engage participants in a dynamic discussion with a real customer.
    • Explore their experience with Skytap, including challenges and successes.
    • Encourage questions from attendees.
  7. Questions and Answers and Next Steps
    • Review any remaining questions or clarifications.
    • Summarize key points and next steps.
    • Provide guidance on how to proceed with proof of concepts or implementations.

Audience Profile:

  • Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)
  • Technical Professionals in IBM-related areas
  • Cloud Architects and network administrators.

Skytap Workshop Bogota

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