Making the most of Microsoft Ignite 2021!

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Making the most of Microsoft Ignite 2021!

Microsoft Ignite is an annual gathering of technology leaders and practitioners delivered as a digital event experience this November 2021. This MSIgnite message was clear: every organization will need a more distributed, more intelligent, more autonomous computing fabric, one that they can use to build, manage and deploy applications anywhere rapidly.

During the event, there we some key trends:

How to optimize for the new world of hybrid workHow to help customers build a hyperconnected businessHow every business can become a digital businessHow to protect everything with end-to-end security

And, of course, one of the core announcements, the metaverse, a digital world that is connected to many aspects of the physical world, including people, places, and things.

As shown in multiple sessions, the metaverse will enable shared experiences across the physical and digital worlds. Feel free to check this article on how Mesh for Microsoft Teams aims to make collaboration in the ‘metaverse’ personal and fun.

Another tremendous exclusive content during this Microsoft Ignite was ‘INTO FOCUS’


Into Focus is an engaging and entertaining “show within a show” that leverages the format of a fast-paced and dynamic daytime talk show.

Going beyond typical Keynote addresses, these programming segments put a lens on Executive content, offering context and an informed POV to drive home why announcements delivered during Ignite will matter to our audience.

Attendees learn about Microsoft’s plans to transform the way we all live and work, see the human side of and connect with the Microsoft leadership team, and have some fun along the way.

INTO FOCUS included a variety of topics, including Infrastructure, Security, Data & AI, App Innovation, M365 administration, and more.

I enjoyed joining Microsoft Ignite 2021 as an on-screen audience member for the “Into Focus: Security” session! 😉

A BIG THANK YOU to the people and friends in Microsoft that made this happen, and it was a GREAT experience.

What makes INTO FOCUS different from other Executive content?

Into Focus pairs, Executive presentations with deeper discussions and analysis, equipping our audience with insider info that will help them deliver innovative solutions and grow their business.

The audience develops a deeper connection with the Microsoft tools and community through in-depth roundtable conversations, exclusive executive interviews, and behind-the-scenes insights.


Featured topics during INTO FOCUS: Security

We heard from Christopher Krebs, Former Director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security, about emerging national security events and how organizations can become more resilient.We also heard from Microsoft’s Chief Information Security Officer, Bret Arsenault, talk about the impact and learnings of recent global cyberattacks and how a Zero Trust approach is key to securing hybrid work’s future.Insights on how to prepare and spot cyberattacksQ&A with Vasu Jakkal, CVP, Microsoft Security, Compliance & Identity, and the Security Unlocked team.

Feel free to check the INTO FOCUS: Security session here:

Preparation is everything.

As an audience member of this Microsoft Ignite 2021, I was particularly surprised by the amount of effort that it took for such a great event.

I had the opportunity to speak at Microsoft Ignite 2019 in Orlando, FL, and I can tell this Microsoft Ignite 2021virtual edition takes much more effort to coordinate and engage with all the participants.

All the participants were invited to a rehearsal, and MS shared technical tips for the session. You might find the following tips helpful if you run live conferences:

Technical Tips

Sit about an arms length away from your computerHardwire ethernet connection is highly recommended (not Wi-Fi).Be sure to download, install or update the ‘desktop’ version of Microsoft Teams (not web browser).Familiarize yourself with Microsoft Teams — how to use chat, mute/unmute, turn on/off camera.Ask other household members to stay off-network while you’re LIVE.Have a lamp nearby to guarantee there is adequate lighting.

A great benefit of the Microsoft Ignite event is getting information about the latest technologies, best practices, and real customer experience along with Executives, Field Experts, and Technical leaders.

You can find all the announcements in the MICROSOFT IGNITEBOOK OF NEWS:

Meet new peers!

In addition to the session catalog, I strongly recommend you check the ‘Connection Zone’ and ‘Round tables’ to connect with other community members and MS PMs to address questions, share experiences and feedback.

Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge — November 2021: Free Certification Exam

Complete at least one challenge in the Microsoft Ignite Cloud Skills Challenge — November 2021, and you will be eligible for a free certification exam, subject to Terms and Conditions, to help you continue skilling up and prove your technical expertise to employers and peers.

Check all the details here:

And…Most important…Have fun!

Attending Microsoft Ignite is one of the best investments you want to make every year.

You’ll find unique and excellent content to advance your expertise and career while building community.

Having a personalized agenda is the best and most efficient way to maximize your Microsoft Ignite experience.

Looking forward to meeting you in the next edition of Microsoft Ignite.

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-Dave R.

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