Azure Security Center | NextGen Multi Cloud CSPM in Azure Security Center

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Managing security posture across multiple clouds can be a challenging task. Creating security recommendations and managing the findings across multiple cloud workloads requires cloud-specific knowledge and an automation framework to consolidate and track findings. In this talk, we’ll discuss Azure Security Center’s new CSPM multi cloud offering (preview) which comes to address these issues exactly. Using agentless architecture, Azure Security Center provides out of the box security recommendations, resource inventory, and regulatory compliance to monitor and manage the state of multi cloud workloads in one place. The new semi-automated onboarding enables users to onboard AWS environments at scale, to enable CSPM agentless scans and deploy Azure Defender on cross cloud workloads. We’ll also cover multi cloud recommendation customization capability, and how to take action on those security findings with remediation, automation and continuous reporting in one centralized security console

México City, – Mexico

Wednesday, November 17 at 10:00 AM


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