Azure Security Center | Manage Your Security Risk and Compliance Requirements

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Join us to learn about how Azure Security Center can be used to improve your organization’s overall compliance readiness. Reporting on compliance with specific standards is obviously critical for regulated customers, but many other organizations also use compliance frameworks as the basis of their organizational security model, which helps them align with industry-defined best practices. By performing ongoing assessments, Security Center provides rich, actionable insights and reports to simplify your compliance journey.

Secure Score helps prioritize action and manage risks, while basing its full set of recommendations on the Azure Security Benchmark, the Microsoft-authored set of security controls and recommendations designed to align with common compliance frameworks. Also, the Security Center compliance dashboard helps manage compliance requirements at scale by supporting continuous export of compliance data, configurable workflows to automate response, integrated shared responsibility and control information to support audits, and dynamic generation of shareable reports. Learn about new features like the built-in compliance-over-time report that lets you analyze trends and identify compliance incidents. Join us to learn more and streamline your compliance journey!

MĂ©xico City, – Mexico

Tuesday, October 26 at 10:00 AM


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